by Potsy

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released June 6, 2016

Artwork: Martin Bridge
Recorded and Mixed at Rocking Horse Studios:
Mastering: Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering:



all rights reserved


Potsy Nashua, New Hampshire

Progressive Rock Band from Nashua NH.

Potsy =
William Edwards: Vox
Bradley J: Guitar
Bradley R: Drums
Jeremy Borne: Bass

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Track Name: Kneed
Spent our days
in idle dreams
and our nights
numb depressed
that the toys
don't satiate
like they should

So we keep
selling time
just to buy
things that waste it
Our dream is dead
Our passion's sold
Our light is old
We Gave

Wood for Smoke
For Promise
Life for Dreams
Wood for Smoke
For Promise
Life for Dreams

So we stand
at the end
in and out
Pulling out
every trick
Just to slow
the burning wick

But, all the minds
all the kings men
haven't found
way to cheat death
Our dream is dead
our passion's sold
our light is old
We Gave

pale pews, crumbs of the
dead, bought you, promised
life within, silence, darkness
quod me nutrit, me, destruit

And the proud who
with their hands
accept it in
daily prayers to
silent gods
statuesque jails
Track Name: Maxwell's Demon
Who wants to work for a living
who wants to fade away
Hard work may pay off at some point
but lazy pays off today

We want
somethin for nothing cause
we want something
somethin to hold
we need action without reaction
cause we want someone to kiss... our... (ass)

Idle, Sated, Content, to
widdle, away, some hours
Thumb trenched, firmly, in butthole
Life is, so hard, when you're bored

We want
somethin for nothing cause
we want somethin
something to hold
we need action without reaction
cause we want someone to kiss... our... (ass)
Track Name: Whirling Dervish
All Fire, but no fuel
Impassioned and Inept
Informed and Ignorant
Washed clean,
bought and sold
Your consent
To be another tool
collectively silent
It's just a little thing

Swallow Pride,Dignity,
Open Wide and On your knees.
Piece by Piece Soul Disowned,
dance on strings, not your own.
Breathe it in, Breathe it out
Plugged in,
thought tuned out
Self-Bound, impotent
Sit Down, Saturate
Burst out, Into Flames

round your mind
Stunned Silence
Every, moment spent,
It's just a simple thing

Siege your mind, Concede,
All is lost to
Voidful eyes, Entombed,
All is blind to
Endless Hours, Interred,
All is stuck to
Draining You, Alive,
It All Feeds on

Track Name: Nova
Awake but dreaming
My hands are trembling
Lights are brimming
I can't surpress my
child like grin
I can't imagine
a life better than this
each and every
smiling eager face
brings me out of my
comfortable shell

It's your hands that pull me closer
It's your smiles that make me see
For one great shared moment
I am you and you, you are me

No Expectations
No Voices Needing
No Disappointment
Absent judgement
No need to build walls
No need to fake a smile
No need to justify
genuine passion
Dissolve away
Our essence radiates

Won't you come with us a little farther
Sometimes the darkest road hides the greatest treasure
Unseen and sincere
sounds make space for candor
Eyes closed connected
Gladly vulnerable
Track Name: Slippery Slope
Misdirect the leads
Grind the truth to dust
Loose the red herrings
cherry pick your facts

Can not stop us
Can not break us
Two wrongs
don't make right
All your fear
can not bring us down

Argue till you turn, blue
Poison all our wells
Persecute the man, cause
you can't beat the claim

Turns out the world was round
Turns out apples fall to the ground
Turns out we're not the center of the sun
Turns out God's not the only one
Track Name: Dubh
We drift away
on a sea of clouds
silent we wait
air seems to pause
Giants tell time
Hammers on the bells
Arm wrapped in mine
You hold me whole
Honest our hearts
Masks paint deceit
Drive home a wedge
Silent and Deep

Small flames in faith
Coins spare decay
our bond so frail
burns so bright
Wax spreads away
Wicks turn to smoke
Not every loss
needs one to blame

It's too late to see your face
Shadows and Starlight
Dark Hair that dances still
fading away

It's too late to catch a dream
on the verge of waking
A cool mist that dissipates
under morning light

It's too late to say your name
When the winds been knocked out
Stolen breath leaves my lips

It's too late, too late
Too late to feel you
It's too late, too late
Too late to breathe.
Track Name: Epitaph
Stand up, Don't back down
Fortune favors the bold
What matters up or down
It's a game, just a game.
Success undefined
Endings unrealized
No time to dwell on wrongs
or mistakes, or mistakes

All we give to fear
builds an endless wall
It shuts out all your dreams
Quenches all your fire
So use it as your fuel
Use it as your shield
Turn it upside down
Starve it at its source

Rising out
Bright and Proud
Rising Out
Empty Now
Shackles Chained
We remain
Shackles Break
we remain

Burn through, don't rust out
idle still burning fuel
Identify your cage
stage a break, stage a break
Engage, don't evade
conflict sharpens the blade
Your greatest victories
come from strain, the greatest strain

Don't fade while dreams remain
Don't fade while will sustains
Don't fade while dreams remain
Don't fade while will sustains

It's so easy to be stoic
caught up in the atmosphere
Aloof Jaded Uninspired
Potent inner conflictions
urging you to initiate
Changing into something greater
By risking failure, followed dreams
crucifying apathy
Eyes set forward never back
unrelenting tunnel vision
All your essence in motion
Whatever your goals are
Know this
Fear breaks, under, under your gaze

We are light,
we are fate
Stardust in motion
Made of stars, made of earth
illusions and fantasy

Humble thankful just to be
given opportunies
to make the changes, correct a course
Anywhere your heart desires
Anywhere your mind can dream
All that matters is the passion
Impetus to start a change
Just one Spark to light a flame
Travelling towards the great unknown
Fear breaks, under, under your gaze.

You are, more than your mistakes,
are more, than your faults can make
More than a number in the crowd
More than can be spoken now
All chance and possibilities
surround and encompass these
short spans we call life
Take one and Burn Out
Track Name: Dirtstar
Tell me
How do I
make time
conjure it?
with every breath
show me
How to Breathe
Title is
sign of ability
It couldn't be
You took
The tongue sled
to the top

Fuck you Asshole
Tongue punch a dirtstar
Where merit fails
Raw Knees prevail

Thinly veiled
barely masked
(I) seethe in place
Every time(I)
hear the words
corprate culture
imagine you
Like a virus
in a dish
trapped in
with your shit
to your stench
choking you
on the noose

Face in Thighs
Ready to
Argue your
Ride with Pride
You're the Star(of)
Tonsil Polo
Bologna Pony Rodeo

maybe I'm
bitter and cold but
I can't help but
drive it home
I may lose
but you won't win
Pyrrhic has
victory built right in

Lets Pretend
Let's Pretend your shit doesn't
It doesn't stink
It doesn't stink
It doesn't stink
You're full of shit
You're full of shit
You're full of shit
You're full of shit
Track Name: Whisper
The silence speaks louder
The echo is immense
louder than words, deeper than absence,
it says quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet
Lost in my desires
confusing wants for needs
Easy to listen, fall into myself, retreat
farther, farther, farther, farther, farther

Giving into
stronger voices
Dreams reveal me
Show my strings

In flames
She draws me down

There's nothing that I can hide
Open from inside
Intimate whispers,
Seducing my mind, we climb
Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher

Falling into
Seas of Ecstasy
Webs of Beauty
Endless Symmetry
Dancing Radiant
She Draws me into
Dancing Radiance
She Draws me like
lines in the sand
erased by the sea
The masks I made
now wear me
I am not I
I am not me

Second Half:
She pulls me close
She takes my breath away
and whispers
So sweetly

And when her whisper
becomes a roar
you can't appease
you can't ignore

She lets me know
She's in control
and the more I fight
the more she grows

she is a hunger
you can not feed
an emptiness
that can not be pleased

Its so right
but so wrong
what lifts you high
lets you fall
Its so right
but so wrong
she lifts you high
lets you

She lets you
She lets you
She lets you